Lean on some history


Whether you missed it or you've seen it a dozen times already, this cool video about legendary singer Bill Withers' appearance and associated escapades in Friday night's team meeting is a must-watch. Read the recap and see the photos, and also check out the Trojans' original "Lean on Me" performance two weeks ago.

Enjoy this special video that's sure to give you goosebumps and guaranteed to become a memorable part of the 2009 season, brought to you by USCRipsIt:


AWESOME video! Wow, Bill Whithers speaking to the Boyz. What an Honor. Thank You Coach and Ben for sharing.


I'm telling you now, if Marquis Simmons does not end up with an NFL career, than he can definitely take "American Idol" down. That was a sweet performance by the Freshman. Thanks for posting this Ben and thanks to Coach for proving that no one can out "PUNK" the Coach. Fight On!

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