Barkley's interceptions: Laying down the facts


Much has been made of Matt Barkley's apparent penchant for throwing interceptions during Fall Camp 2009.

Crazy thing is, nothing could be further from the truth. In 486 passes during 11-on-11 and 7-on-7 drills in training camp, Barkley threw just eight interceptions.

Yes, you read that correctly: eight picks in 486 throws -- against one of the country's best secondaries, to boot. Sure doesn't seem like an onslaught of interceptions or a slew of picks, as many members of the media are painting the picture.

Barkley's 486 throws -- he completed 301 of them for a 61.9% rate --  is a little bit more than a typical season's worth of attempts, so eight interceptions would be a phenomenally low number in the grand scheme of things. And to make it even more calming is the fact that Barkley won't be facing one of the nation's top defensive backfields week-in and week-out, like he does in practice each day.

When looking back at previous seasons, Barkley's stat line from training camp puts him on pace -- if not at an even better rate -- than USC's quarterbacks in the past seven years. Take a look:

Matt Barkley ('09 Fall Camp):    301-for-486 • 61.9% • 8 interceptions
Mark Sanchez (2008 season):   241-for-366 • 65.8% • 10 interceptions
John David Booty ('07 season):  215-for-340 • 63.2% • 10 interceptions
John David Booty ('06 season):  269-for-436 • 61.7% • 9 interceptions
Matt Leinart (2005 season):       283-for-431 • 65.7% • 8 interceptions
Matt Leinart (2004 season):       269-for-412 • 65.3% • 6 interceptions   *Heisman Trophy winner
Matt Leinart (2003 season):       255-for-402 • 63.4% • 9 interceptions
Carson Palmer (2002 season):   309-for-489 • 63.2% • 10 interceptions  *Heisman Trophy winner


well that certainly puts it all in perspective!

Great insight. Should quiet a few critics.

as an MD parent and barkely family acquaintance..I admitt my prejudice...but, it is about time someone got to the facts GREAT ARTICLE
Lets let the kid grow and show...he will make mistakes...what counts is when they are made.

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