The Hawaiian lucky 13th

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We received a few questions wondering why the 2010 schedule includes 13 games -- nine in conference and four non-conference matchups -- instead of the permitted 12-game college football schedule.

It all comes back to what's known as "the Hawaii rule" in college football.

When teams play against Hawaii in Honolulu, they're afforded an extra game -- intended to be played at home -- to offset the travel expenses of going thousands of miles to an expensive tourist destination. It's NCAA rule, which says that the maximum number of football contests in a season shall exclude "any football games played in Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico, respectively, either against or under the sponsorship of an active member institution located in Hawaii, Alaska or Puerto Rico, by a Division I member institution located outside the area in question."

And that also applies to USC's 2013 schedule, when the Trojans are slated to play the Warriors in Honolulu again. As of now, only 12 games are scheduled, but USC athletic department officials say they are currently working on finding an additional opponent.

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Thank you for the clarification, Ben. Keep up the good work.

I can't wait to hear who that thirteenth opponent might be.

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