Running up to intermission

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It's halftime for the Trojans.

Players finished up the first half of the summer strength and conditioning program with a team run at 6:30 this morning, advancing them into a one-week midsummer break and some "much-needed time away," head strength and conditioning coach Chris Carlisle said.

"We had a tremendous first half," Carlisle said. "I'm really happy with the way these guys have come in with a great attitude and work ethic. It's a great testament to what we've built here."

The players now get seven days off for the July 4 holiday and will return next Wednesday to commence the second half of the offseason workout regimen, which will last four more weeks before Fall Camp opens in August.

Here are some photos from this morning's team run, which included four stations of agility and conditioning drills:

Wideout Damian Williams and quarterback Aaron Corp fly through agility bags.

Tight end Rhett Ellison shuffles around agility bags.

Safeties Will Harris (right) and Taylor Mays (middle) churn through the agility ladder.

Tailback Stafon Johnson slides between agility bags.

Butch Lewis, Jeff Byers, Kris O'Dowd and the rest of the offensive linemen go through the bags.

Tailback Joe McKnight shuffles between bags while wideout Garrett Green hops over them.

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