National Impact: Pete Carroll's 'Win Forever' and the U.S. Military


0526pcmilitarypccom400.jpgNational security and college football usually don't mesh.

Unless you're Pete Carroll -- and then they're meshing in unprecedented ways.

In late April, Carroll was a special invitee to the U.S. Military's Conference on Small Unit Excellence, and his speech and Win Forever philosophy became one of the focal points of the three-day event that was shimmering with some of the country's brightest minds and most decorated leaders. What Carroll shared has since revolutionized military strategy in profound ways, and you can read all about it in the latest feature from USCRipsIt and

"Something unprecedented will happen because of that conference," one of the chief organizers of the event said. "And I can assure you that no one at that conference had more impact on the people who have to go do it than Pete Carroll."

You do not want to miss this inspiring feature.


Coach, this is by far, the best thing you've ever done to make a difference!

Just pinged this to my Facebook and Twitter accounts. Very cool, Coach. Fight On!

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