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Coach Carroll was live at the Roxy this weekend.


Showing that life truly never gets boring for USC's football coach, Carroll was the guest keyboardist during an A Better LA benefit concert featuring Kelley James, John West and Bren James on Saturday night in front of a packed house at the famous theater on Sunset Blvd. Carroll tapped the ivories during their trio's catchy "Make It Better" song, which is dedicated to A Better LA's efforts in the inner-city, and the encore freestyle performance.

"It was a blast," Carroll, still beaming this morning, said. "It was a great crowd and hopefully we can get the song out and see if it can help us with A Better LA."

As for a self-review of his performance, the ever-modest Carroll didn't give himself too much credit.

"All I know is G and D," he said with a laugh.

Listen to the song here.


this song is awesome!!

Pete, you are simply amazing...

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