Commercial news and notes

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Here are a few fun facts regarding this morning's "College GameDay" commercial shoot:

- A 50-person crew worked the commercial shoot, all for a 30-second spot.

- Coach Carroll and Kirk Herbstreit did seven takes for one of the spots and five for the other for a total of 12, followed by some bonus footage that'll air online.

- A scissor lift was set up outside of Carroll's second-floor office and two massive stage lights shined through the windows to provide artificial bright sunlight on a cloudy morning in L.A.

- Construction at the adjacent School of Cinematic Arts was halted for about a half-hour this morning while the commercial was being taped in Carroll's office, which allowed for silence during the shoot.

- The crew is also shooting two other "College GameDay" spots on USC's campus today. The staffers started arriving on campus slightly after 5 a.m. and aren't scheduled to finish work until 10 p.m. tonight, making for a 17-hour workday.

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