Stuck at home

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The spring evaluation period continues in earnest this week as coaches are flying from high school to high school on the recruiting trail.

Assistant coaches, that is.

Coach Carroll, meanwhile, is grounded in L.A. this month, restricted by a now two-year-old NCAA rule that limits a head coach's recruiting capabilities during the springtime.

And Carroll's ire hasn't subsided much since the regulation was passed in early 2008.

"It's a horrible rule," Carroll said.

But there is hope. Pac-10 coaches voted last week to explore changing the regulation back to the way it was, when head coaches could visit high schools throughout the April 15 through May 31 evaluation period.

In the meantime, Carroll will keep busy in Southern California as he waits out the suddenly more tortuous offseason.

"I've got to find things to do," Carroll said with a smile. "It's tough for me to sit around and do nothing for a month."

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