Quiet on the homefront

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The offseason appears to be bottoming out at its dullest point right now.

Heritage Hall is an abyss of activity today and for much of the next few weeks for a multitude of reasons. The spring semester ended last week and summer school doesn't start until Wednesday, the summer strength and conditioning session begins in three weeks and the coaches are out on the road recruiting during the third quarter of the spring evaluation period. It all adds up to the quietest days of the year -- by far -- at the headquarters of the Trojan football machine.

Don't believe it until you see it? Well, we've got you covered. Here are some pictures from a painfully calm Heritage Hall this morning:

The weight room is quieter than quiet today, since the offseason strength and conditioning program doesn't get rolling until June 8.

The football locker room in Heritage Hall couldn't be more tranquil today with players away from workouts and school at the start of this week.

The student-athlete academic services office is empty as ever today as the spring semester ended last week and summer school doesn't start until Wednesday.

1 Comment

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