Big D

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Coach Carroll spent much of the morning going through film, once again, from the end-of-spring scrimmage two weeks ago, and his after-the-fact review has come down to three things.

Defense, defense, defense.

"The defense really stood out," said Carroll, who had last seen the tape 10 days ago. "It was probably their best day all spring. They gave up next to nothing on the ground and had a great day on pass coverage too."

Carroll was especially impressed with the play from the defensive line and linebackers.

"The front seven played so well," he said. "Taylor [Mays] had a ton of big hits and did a lot of good stuff. And we moved Malcolm [Smith] to outside backer and he played really well there."

Just how noteworthy was the defense? Even when Carroll talked about the offense's performance from the scrimmage, he immediately turned to discussing the defense.

"The offense really struggled because there was so much heat on the quarterback from the whole front defensive line," he said. "Everson [Griffen] and Averell [Spicer] were really big factors."

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