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We received a question from loyal RipsIt reader Paul Blakely, who asks if players who are graduating Friday will have to take units in the fall so they can play next season.

The graduating players with remaining eligibility (this year, that's Garrett Green and Josh Pinkard) have two options. Some enroll in graduate school and begin working on a master's degree (which Jeff Byers did two years ago and Green plans on doing this fall), while others take a just a few elective undergrad units in the fall before leaving for the NFL after the season (ahem, like Matt Leinart and the notorious two-unit ballroom dancing class in 2005).

But the bottom line is that regardless of whether a player has a diploma or not, he's still a student-athlete and is required to fulfill the first part of that label if he wishes to remain eligible to play.

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I had the same question. Thanks for posting.

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