A good hair day

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Taylor Mays is sporting a new 'do.

And the reason for the cut will make you laugh.

Mays, who's the centerpiece of the new 2009 schedule poster, got his jersey number shaved into the side of his head this week. And why would he get this new hairstyle, especially when it's the offseason?

For one, he said he was bored with his old cut, and secondly, he's going to a sorority date event tonight and is trying to look his best -- and catch a few eyes.

"I want all the girls to know who No. 2 is on the new poster," Mays joked.

Safety Taylor Mays got his jersey number buzzed into the side of his head this week so "all the girls [will] know who No. 2 is on the new poster."

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I find it cool to have May's jersey number on side of his head, Nice hair do you have, The only sad thing about having a script on head is that you have to have it regularly shaved just to clear the script/s.

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