Positive returns

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Besides today being Competition Tuesday, it's also "Tell the Truth" day in Heritage Hall, as the Trojans review Saturday's scrimmage and understand what went right and what went wrong at the Coliseum.

"It felt game-like," a glowing Coach Carroll told the players during the team meeting this afternoon. "And that's a really good sign, because how much more could we ask for than to play it like a game?"

Carroll praised the defense for logging three turnovers, but also showed his displeasure for the 39 points it gave up (five touchdowns, a field goal and a two-point conversion).

"Our defense gave up 19 points in the Coliseum all of last year," Carroll said. "Let's not settle on anything."

Carroll then showed film of the scrimmage, going through numerous offensive and defensive highlights from a day that was filled with them.

"Everyone in America wishes they could scrimmage like that," Carroll told the team. "But we've got so much stuff we can work on. We need everyone on board in this -- are you in?"

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