Inspiring across the pond


Coach Carroll's inspiration now spans oceans, time zones and cultures.

On Saturday afternoon, Carroll conducted a 30-minute online video chat with the players and coaches of England's University of Birmingham Lions football team on the eve of its national title game matchup against the Newcastle Raiders today in Leeds, which the Lions just won, 42-2.

Carroll said he greatly enjoyed utilizing the technology to share his thoughts and conduct a Q&A with the players and coaches on the night prior to their big game.

"That was a really cool experience for everyone," Carroll said of his iChat with the team. "The guys were really jacked up and it was exciting to be with them before they went out to play for the championship."

Birmingham is one of the dominant forces in American football among English universities, as the Lions won 90-0 to reach the championship game and have won six straight division titles.

"You've already proven who you are and now you get to show it again," Carroll told the team. "It doesn't matter who you're playing; you're totally in control of going out there and performing how you're capable of playing."


That's awesome... Coach Carroll is a true inspiration!


Appreciate the time you and Ben took out on Saturday to speak to our team.

Players and Coaches loved it, we surprised them and got them pumped up just liked we talked about.

Thanks Again

Talk soon

Head Coach
University of Birmingham Lions

Ben, thanks for your help in the technical setup for the chat, and of course a big thank you to Coach Carroll for taking the time to speak to us. It was a special moment for all the players and coaching staff - you've got 60+ more Trojans fans over in UK now :-)

Paul Cooper
Offensive Coordinator
Birmingham Lions
2008-09 National Champions

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