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Welcome to the new RipsIt Blog! USCRipsIt has now joined with to bring you more in-depth info, take you closer to the action and allow to you experience Trojan football even more so than in the past. This is an exciting time, and we're glad you're on board!

As you've already noticed, the RipsIt Blog has changed locations -- but don't worry, the content will remain the same. If anything, it'll only get better as we now have more resources to bring you closer, including upgraded video capabilities (which we plan to take full advantage of for your viewing pleasure).

Also, there's a new one-stop shop for Trojan news on the revamped and relocated, which is now the official web site for Trojan football. This is the place to go for all features, video pieces, news stories, roster updates and the schedule (not to mention the RipsIt Blog).

So, what exactly is changing then? For one, the URL has changed, so please update your bookmarks and such. Also, we've made several improvements to make the site more user-friendly. There's now an RSS feed for the RipsIt Blog and there will soon be a working comments section for all of the Blog entries. Additionally, each blog entry is now more linkable, as you can now link to individual posts instead of only the Blog as a whole.

We hope this will be a positive change for everyone on all fronts, so please send in your feedback with any comments or suggestions. Thanks for your continued support of USCRipsIt.

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Ben, the light text on a black background is extremely difficult for me to read and hurts my eyes (the text starts strobing). Any chance you can put a background behind the main content areas?

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