Classroom initiative


Always a stickler for classroom success, Coach Carroll took it upon himself today to ensure his players are making the most of their academic pursuits.


Carroll and senior associate athletic director Mark Jackson stopped by two classes this morning -- a sociology class and an exercise science lecture -- to check attendance and see if the handful of enrolled players were attending their classes.


Attendance was 100 percent, and with his mission accomplished, Carroll returned to Heritage Hall to resume watching film and preparing for this afternoon's practice.


"It's good to get out there and show that we really care about schoolwork," Carroll said. "This stuff is very important, and it sends a positive message to our players when we do something like that."



Coach Carroll pops his head in a sociology lecture on campus this morning as he checks to see if his players are attending class.



Coach Carroll looks out over an exercise science lecture this morning, making sure his players are going to class.


good to see the Coach taking a caring look onto his players academic life.

"Taking a caring look onto his players academic life"

Learn how to write the English language, Jay.

Good to see that at least one major school takes the student part of student athlete seriously. Fight on!

Actually Kdub, that is the correct syntax. Caring is the adjective, look the noun, and taking the verb. If you observe the photographs, he is indeed taking a caring look. Perhaps before posting such corrections, make sure an English Professor does not have access to your postings as well!

Ha that's awesome, Pete Carroll is the best.

LOL, OMG!Class Checking! That was my actual job when I was a student at SC for at least 2 years. Brings back memories.

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