Prospective Student-Athletes are the foundation of a vibrant athletic program at the University of Southern California. The Athletic Department and the Office of Athletic Compliance have and will endeavor to assist all prospective student-athletes to prepare themselves for an outstanding college experience both in the classroom and on the fields, on the courts, and in the pools of competition.

Our site is designed to allow prospective student-athletes and their families to select various subjects to receive education and guidance regarding the recruiting process, NCAA eligibility and certification (including academic & amateurism requirements), USC admissions and financial aid, and other recruiting issues.

We hope our site and these links to the various educational materials provides you with the information and guidance necessary to answer the questions you may have about the recruiting process. However, if you have a question that remains unanswered, just remember to "ask before acting" and contact our department through the "Contact Us" link on our main web page.

Thank You and Fight On!