Congratulations! You are a student-athlete at one of the finest universities in the country. USC's student-athletes have excelled both in the classroom and on the fields, on the courts and in the pools of competition. The job of the Office of Athletic Compliance is to ensure that you know and follow all of the NCAA, Pac-12 and university rules and regulations pertaining to intercollegiate sports.

We know you have an extremely demanding schedule with classes, practice and competition, so, to provide additional educational resources on issues relating to each of these subject (and many others) we have created links to various materials, which you will find to the left. We hope these links provide you with the information and guidance you need on issues ranging from continuing eligibility, transfers, social medial, medical/drug issues, practice or competition, Jump Forward, employment or access to on-line courses or other information. However, if you have a question that remains unanswered, just remember to "ask before acting" and contact us through the "Contact Us" link on our main web page - or call or text the Director or Assistant Director that works with your team.

Thank you and Fight on!