As an NCAA and Pac-12 Conference member institution, USC is obligated to follow the rules governing intercollegiate athletics. That obligation is institutional in nature and therefore extends beyond USC Trojan Athletics to all USC employees. As a general matter, NCAA and Pac-12 rules require student-athletes be treated exactly the same as other students, and prospective student-athletes like other prospective students.

The Office of Athletic Compliance has summarized all these rules into a simple graphic, which can be found using the link on he left-hand side of the page.

For more specific rules relating to prospects, see the following:

Transportation - USC employees may not provide transportation to prospects or prospects' family members.

Benefits - USC employees may not provide prospects or prospects' family members any money, items of value (e.g., t-shirts, hats, souvenirs), or discounts on items or services unless the same benefits are provided to all students or prospective students.

In-person contacts - Face-to-face contact between a prospect and a USC employee that is directed by a USC Trojan Athletics coach or otherwise related to athletics is prohibited unless it occurs (a) on campus or (b) if off campus, during a prospect's official visit and within 30 miles of campus.

Telephone calls - USC employees may not call prospects regarding the athletics program or at the direction of a USC Trojan Athletics coaching staff member. USC employees may receive calls from prospects so long as those calls are unrelated to athletics. All athletically related questions must be directed to USC Trojan Athletics.

Electronic communications (e.g., email, text messaging, Facebook, Twitter) - Emails to a prospect that relate to athletics are prohibited until September 1 of the prospect's junior year. All other electronic communications (e.g., friending prospects on Facebook, following prospects on Twitter, instant messaging prospects) are prohibited. Like telephone calls, employees of the University can receive electronic communications from prospects provided the communications do not relate to athletics.

Publication of a prospect's recruitment - USC employees are prohibited from publicizing the athletic recruitment of any prospect or a prospect's visit to campus (e.g., posting a picture of a prospect's visit on social media) for purposes related to his/her athletic recruitment.

It is the USC Office of Athletic Compliance's job to assist staff members who have questions about NCAA legislation. Please contact the Office of Athletic Compliance at 213-740-6127 or use the "Who We Are" tab to speak with a specific individual on our staff.

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