Welcome to the "Trojan Family." USC enjoys one of the most supportive and loyal support groups in the country. USC and its coaches, staff, and student-athletes strive to excel in the classroom and on the field, court and pool; and, we are all committed to make following NCAA and Pac-12 rules a priority. As you likely know, the application and impact of these rules do not stop at the campus boundaries; and, rules infractions committed by our boosters can have a disastrous impact on the athletic program. It is imperative that our alumni, boosters and fans are aware of and follow the rules that govern their involvement with our intercollegiate athletic teams!

We have designed this site and the links at the left hand side of the page to provide rules education and guidance on the subjects that may touch or involve our loyal fans and followers. These links include materials we have prepared or are available on topics including recruiting, donations, extra and impermissible benefits, institutional control and access to USC's facilities. However, if you have a question that remains unanswered, just remember to "ask before acting" and contact us though the "Contact Us" link on our main web page.

Thank you for your assistance helping us comply with NCAA and Pac-12 rules.

Fight on!