Adherence with NCAA legislation as it relates to agents and advisors is of utmost importance to the University of Southern California (USC). The NCAA rules regarding agents prohibit student-athletes from having any agreement, verbal or written, for representation either now or in the future. NCAA rules also prohibit student-athletes, their relatives, and/or their friends from receiving any benefits from an agent or any such agent's employee, representative, or affiliate (e.g., runner). It is our expectation that our student-athletes and any agents who seek to contact them will adhere to these rules.

The USC Office of Athletic Compliance actively strives to educate our student-athletes and potential agents on NCAA legislation as it pertains to amateurism and the use of agents for professional sport representation. Our goal is to foster an environment of communication and transparency. With that said, ANY & ALL agents/advisors seeking to represent USC student-athletes in their future professional endeavors MUST register with the Office of Athletic Compliance using the USC Athletic Agent Registration Form located in the left-hand column.

We ask for your cooperation regarding NCAA rules, the State of California's law regarding agents, and USC's own agent policy which are all located in the left-hand column of this page. If you have any questions, please contact any member of the USC Office of Athletic Compliance staff directly or through our Compliance Hotline located on the main page of this website.